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The Pahara Institute’s mission is to strengthen and sustain values-driven leaders who are transforming public education so that every child is prepared to lead a free and fulfilling life. We support exceptional, innovative leaders in the non-profit schools sector who are committed to equity and access to excellent public schools for our children. We focus on a diverse set of leaders, with a specific priority on representation and inclusion of leaders who share life experiences with our most marginalized and underserved student populations. Our work is guided by the following core values:

  • Wholeness: We bring our whole selves. We are authentic and vulnerable.

  • Transformative Love: We create belonging. We build inclusive and deeply connected communities across many lines of difference.  

  • Excellence: We deliver exceptional quality without compromising our integrity or humanity.

  • Continuous Learning: We learn, grow, adapt, and change. We get better.  

  • Liberation: We find new ways to ensure that everyone can live a free and meaningful life.


  • The Director, Selection and Moderation  (“Director”) will lead the design, planning, and monitoring of Pahara’s processes to select Fellows, ensuring that equity and innovation are centered throughout our work. 

  • The Director will also implement, manage, and maintain scalable systems to ensure the candidate experience is meaningful and intentional across the selection cycle, including the Fellowship application process, interview process, and candidate communication checkpoints.


Sample goals for this role:

The Director will think boldly, ambitiously, and strategically about candidate stewardship and selection of new Pahara Fellows, focusing on how and why we select leaders, and how we will ultimately meet our goals in a values-aligned way. Here are three examples of how we’ll measure your success: 

  • By December 2023, at least 95% of Pahara Fellowship candidates will characterize their experience with the Pahara Fellowship selection process as “positive” overall.

  • By Summer 2024, 95% of new Pahara Fellows will rate the quality of their Fellowship cohort as “excellent.”

  • By Winter 2024, the Director will design a scalable selection process across the application and interview workstreams, allowing the Pahara team to interview 250+ candidates per year.


What your week might look like:

  • Mostly: Serving as the lead interviewer for the Pahara Fellowship and a core member of the cohort development team; participating in candidate screening, evaluation, and decision-making; stewarding relationships with candidates through the life-cycle of their candidacy; and ensuring outstanding candidate experiences and communications at appropriate points during the selection process.

  • Some: Designing, workflow planning, testing, and executing scalable selection processes for Pahara's programs, from nomination/application to induction of new Fellows.

  • A little: Coordinating cross-team collaboration and orientation to ensure effective and sustainable selection process workflow; and providing direction to Selection and Moderation Coordinators on selection process management and support.

  • With a sprinkling of: Supporting the Vice President of Selection and Moderation in the identification, sourcing, and recruitment of outstanding candidates in the non-profit schools sector; and partnering on new and emerging projects as the organization continues to grow and change.


We are looking for someone who can demonstrate skills and abilities that reflect the following statements:

  • You LOVE connecting people to opportunities that help them grow professionally and personally. You enjoy building relationships and community, meeting new people, and fostering an environment of inclusiveness and belonging for staff, candidates, and other stakeholders. You can identify people who add value to and benefit from cohort-based learning experiences. You find joy in supporting others. 

  • Your work exemplifies excellence and dedication to continual development - personally and in others. You bring a high level of integrity, trust, and accountability, as well as sound discernment and judgment, to your work. You connect current thinking to where we’re going, holding the small details and the big picture at the same time. You have a track record of creating structures and systems that lead to high-quality, impactful results.

  • You are committed to impacting and changing the educational ecosystem. You understand how schools and school systems work. You understand the complexity that school-based educators are leading through every day. You genuinely believe that, as a result of Pahara’s transformative programming, diverse, high-integrity leaders can redefine public education. And you do this work so every child in America has access to excellent educational opportunities in public schools.   

  • You are constantly looking for new ways to ensure that everyone can lead a free and meaningful life.  You prioritize equity at every level of the work you do. You have a strong analysis lens related to DEI that supports action in the systems you design, lead, and implement. You build and maintain relationships and foster inclusiveness and belonging in virtual and in-person environments. 


  • Who: The Director will report to Allen Anderson, Vice President of Selection and Moderation.

  • Where: We are a virtual organization by design so our team can work where they have built their lives. Our campus in the Denver area will serve as a hub for our work and as the main location for all in-person events. Candidates who live outside the Denver area may have an increase in required overnight travel to the campus one to two times per month.

  • When:  All phases of the interview process are virtual. For us to consider your application complete, please submit your written application materials by June 13, 2023 at 7:00PM (Central Time Zone). The hiring process for this role will follow the timeline below:

    • Mid-June 2023: Candidates will be selected to complete a candidate exercise.

    • Early July: First interviews take place.

    • Early August: Finalists will engage in a final interview with additional members of the Pahara Team. Pahara checks three references for each finalist, though we may request more.

    • Mid-August 2023:  Offer extended

    • Late August/September 2023:  Start date

  • How Much: Pahara provides competitive compensation and an attractive benefits package, including full health care coverage and access to a 401(k) account with a matching contribution policy. The expected salary range for this position is $91,000 - $125,000.


Click the button to submit your resume & application:

Pahara is committed to nondiscrimination and to providing equal opportunity.  It is our policy to ensure that all individuals with whom we are in contact are treated equally without regard to age, color, disability, gender, marital status, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, expression, gender identity, or veteran’s status.

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