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Chief Investment Officer


Raza Development Fund


Adrian Ruiz is the Chief Investment Officer for Raza Development Fund, having joined the organization in 2018. He is responsible for executing business strategies, managing the growth of assets under management, and leads an inter-disciplinary group of impact investment professionals across RDF’s education, housing, and healthcare lending verticals and New Markets Tax Credit practice. He most recently served as RDF’s Deputy Chief Investment Officer and head of the Education Finance practice in which he oversaw the deployment of over $200 million of capital, including $115 million of QLICIs, in impact investments across the country. Prior to joining RDF, he served as the Executive Director of Espiritu Schools, a network of K-12 charter schools, where he was responsible for the overall operations and performance. Mr. Ruiz has been involved in the education industry for over 13 years and possesses a diverse business background having worked in finance and accounting capacities with various domestic and international nonprofit organizations. He received his B.S. in business finance from Arizona State University and holds an MBA from Benedictine University. He is alum of the Pahara Institute's NextGen Network, serves as a reviewer for the Walton Family Foundation School Start-up Grant review committee; sits on the Governing Boards for the Charter School Financing Partnership, Catholic Education Arizona, and Housing Partnership Fund; and serves on the A for Arizona Expansion and Innovation Fund vetting committee. He is currently a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Level II Candidate.

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