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Vice President, Organizational Learning


Teach For America


For nearly a decade, Antonio A. Saunders has investigated various domestic and international educational landscapes to redefine how we educate students of color. Antonio is currently a national team member on the Teacher Preparation, Support and Development Team at Teach for America and is responsible for cultivating the structural and environmental conditions for innovation and experimentation.

In 2014, Antonio became a Regional Partner, overseeing program results in regions spanning approximately 1,000 teachers and 80,000 students to shape the short and long-term strategy for ambitious student and corps member outcomes, program management training, and diversity initiatives. Prior to this role, Antonio led the Teach As Leadership Academy Pilot, incubating a training strategy that produced equitable classrooms that led to double-digit gains on organizational indicators.

Throughout his tenure, Antonio has consulted with over 30 regions, providing direct support according to their unique context and developing the leadership capacity of teacher leadership development teams. His work contributed to the development of a three person National Advisor sub-team this past year. Above all, Antonio’s teaching experience continues to serve as the cornerstone of his educational philosophy. Antonio is currently pursuing coaching certification from Coach Training Institute in business management and leadership development. He previously earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from The University of Alabama.

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