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Chief Executive Officer


Summit Public Schools


Born and raised on the island of Oahu in a multicultural home, Cady has dedicated her life to improving outcomes for diverse communities like her own. As early as high school, Cady’s drive to identify solutions to systemic inequities prompted her research on the prevalence of diabetes in indigenous communities where there is a history of colonization.

This passion led her to Stanford University where she earned a Bachelors in Human Biology, specifically focusing on the intersection between Health, Ethnicity and Education with a minor in Comparative Studies of Race and Ethnicity. While at Stanford, Cady worked at the Native Hawaiian Cultural Center to create resonance and allied leadership by planning partnership events between all community centers on campus. She also led health education for young people across multiple states (Hawaii, Idaho and South Dakota).

She earned her Masters in Education from Stanford and went on to work as a teacher, mentor, teacher-coach, Human Resources Director, and college counselor before serving in leadership positions in schools for many years. Cady is honored, energized and excited about her role as Summit’s Chief Executive Officer. As a mother of a young person, she is overflowing with hope for our current and future generations of students. Foundational to her leadership is her authenticity, lived experience that equitable educational opportunities can pave the way into the future, and fundamental belief in the value of diverse-by-design.

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