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Chief Academic Officer


Summit Public Schools


Caitlyn Herman is the chief academic officer at Summit Public Schools. Caitlyn has been the leader of Summit Public Schools’ rich academic and professional development program for the past three years. She joined the Summit team in 2011 as a science teacher before transitioning to a founding director at Summit Public Schools: Shasta in Daly City (an XQ super school) and later to head of schools where she provided leadership coaching to school directors across the network.

Caitlyn began her career in New York City public schools as a science teacher at Essex Street Academy. At Essex Street she served as the department coordinator building out the school's project-based curriculum across all grade-levels. She also spearheaded the effort to focus the school's advisory curriculum around wellness, habits of success and college readiness. While teaching, she worked as an adjunct professor at New York University's Graduate School of Education teaching science curriculum to aspiring teachers.

Caitlyn holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Lafayette College, a master’s degree from New York University in secondary science education and a master’s degree in education from New England College in School Leadership as part of the Principal's Residency Network program. Caitlyn lives in San Francisco, CA with her husband and two daughters.

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