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Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Houston Classical Charter School


Deyvis R. Salazar is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Houston Classical Charter School, established in 2019. Opening the school to students in 2020, Deyvis sought to meet the need for great schools in low-income areas where academic success is scarce and expectations are low. As a free public charter school, Houston Classical offers opportunities for choice, especially for those with few resources. Deyvis and his founding partners strongly believe that students of all backgrounds deserve a quality education where children are encouraged, challenged, and valued. Houston Classical Charter School was built on a classical model, as he feels this approach focuses on strong academic foundations, aims to develop character, and fosters critical thinking. Deyvis hopes that by bringing more opportunity to the education system through a classical approach, we can mold great thinkers and citizens.

Prior to founding Houston Classical, Deyvis co-founded a successful charter school in New York City, The Neighborhood Charter School of Harlem, in 2012. The school was the most successful independent charter school in the State of New York, as evidenced by the English Language Arts and Mathematics exam.

Outside of the School, Deyvis spends his time with his wife and three young children. He enjoys reading, debating, running (when possible), and discovering wines.

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