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Founder & Chief Executive Officer


The Opportunity Trust


Eric is the founder & chief executive officer at The Opportunity Trust in St. Louis. Prior to that Eric held multiple roles as Teach For America. He first joined Teach For America as part of the 2001 New York City teaching corps where he taught eighth grade science in the Bronx. He has had a number of roles on Teach For America’s staff since, including helping to open its St. Louis region and to lead the San Francisco Bay Area region through a major expansion. In these roles, Eric helped to codify the organization’s regional growth and sustainability strategy, more than doubling the size of the corps in each region while increasing corps member and alumni impact, and also establishing full local funding. He then led the national Growth, Development, and Partnership team as executive vice president. In this position Eric led the effort to open 16 new sites and helped to grow regional revenue from $82 million to $228 million in 4 years, fueling a 67% increase in the national total corps size. As chief strategy and program officer, he was responsible for helping to define and implement strategies to maximize Teach For America’s impact at scale: evolving the national organization to support learning and innovation across the organization’s 53 regions, transforming the funding model from one focused on fueling growth to one that sustains the enduring institution Teach For America has grown into, and ensuring the organization has the strategy and capacity needed to enlist the next generation of leaders in the effort to transform public education. Eric was the first in his family to graduate from college, graduating summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Washington University in St. Louis. He lives in St. Louis with his husband Ryan and adorable Cardigan corgi, Cooper.

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