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Executive Director - Bay Area


Teach For America


Paul Keys is the executive director for the Bay Area region at Teach For America (TFA). He previously served as executive vice president at Teach For America. Paul and his team led the strategy and integration of the work happening across TFA’s 52 regions, and were responsible for leading changes in their operating model that accelerated the pace of learning and impact for their Executive Directors.

Prior to this role, Paul served as the senior vice president, regional operations, where he managed a team of seven Executive Directors across the country, and led innovations around learning and development, and student and family engagement. Prior to his work at Teach For America, Paul was a Regional Manager at Score! Educational Centers and was one of the founding team members of InsideTrack, an organization that coaches students towards success in their first year of college.

Paul grew up in Derry, a city in the northwest corner of Ireland. Derry was the birthplace of the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland, and the change Paul witnessed over the past three decades in his hometown fuels his conviction that education is one of the most powerful tools to fight social and economic injustice. Paul holds a Master’s degree in the economics of education from the University of London, and a Bachelor’s in business from the University of Ulster.