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Uplift Education


Remy L. Washington, EdD, is a visionary leader at Uplift Education, a thriving, high-achieving network of tuition-free public charter schools in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. As President of Uplift, she oversees 45 International Baccalaureate continuum schools and directs the efforts of the transformative Road to College and Career Program.

Dr. Washington began her current role in June 2021, following a tenure as the organization's Chief Academic Officer, where she led the organization through the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Washington was once a Managing Director championing the High School Division, and before that, she was a campus leader at Uplift Peak Preparatory High School.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, she spent seven years as a high school mathematics teacher and three years as a school leader at her alma mater, Morgan Park High School.

Dr. Washington holds a Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University and earned her teaching credentials from the Golden Apple Teacher Education Program and her Master of Arts in Teaching (Secondary Mathematics). In 2012, she earned her Master of Educational Leadership in Organizational Change.

Dr. Washington wholeheartedly believes that teachers are the cornerstone of transformative education. She's on a mission to elevate their voices and make teaching a sustainable, fulfilling career. Her doctoral research at the Johns Hopkins University School of Education in 2018 delved into the crucial role of teacher self-efficacy in charter schools, demonstrating her unwavering belief in the power of educators.

With a passion for leadership that's as infectious as it is inspiring, Dr. Washington leads with purpose. Her vision is to inspire, engage, and energize everyone she works with, ensuring that change isn't something that happens to them but a collective force for positive generational impacts and life-changing outcomes for the students Uplift Education serves.

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