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Broward County Public Schools


As superintendent of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS), the nation’s sixth largest school district, Robert W. Runcie is committed to educating today’s students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Upon joining BCPS in 2011, Robert developed a strategic plan focusing on high-quality instruction, continuous improvement and effective communication. As part of these goals, he has spearheaded initiatives to maximize student learning. This includes creating a digital classrooms program to provide blended, personalized learning environments for students. BCPS also became the first district to partner with the non-profit organization to increase computer science in schools. Computer science courses, curriculum and activities are now offered at 100 percent of District schools. In addition, under his leadership, BCPS became a national model for ending zero tolerance policies for non-violent offenses in schools.

Robert is president of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents and serves on the board of numerous organizations. His honors include: 2016 National Alliance of Black School Educators Superintendent of the Year, 2016 Florida Superintendent of the Year, 2015 ALAS Hispanic Serving Superintendent of the Year, 2014 Florida Virtual School Superintendent of the Year, 2014 Consortium of Florida Education Foundations Superintendent of the Year, Champion District Superintendent of the Year for Florida Consortium of Public Charter Schools, the Florida Department of Education’s District Data Leader of the Year Finalist, and a 2014 Leader to Learn From by Education Week.

Robert previously held leadership positions with Chicago Public Schools and founded a management and technology consulting company. Robert earned his bachelor's degree in economics from Harvard College and his master's in business administration from Northwestern University. In addition to serving on the boards of local business and community service organizations, he serves on the boards of, National Speech and Debate Association, and is the president of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents.