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Thaly Germain founded Equity Partners in November of 2016. As chief executive officer, she oversees program strategy, development, and implementation. Most recently, Thaly served as executive director of the Lynch Leadership Academy where she built an innovative program focused on building the capacity of school leaders across the state of Massachusetts. Immediately prior she was the executive director of aligned staff at New Leaders, a national leadership development organization. In this capacity, she co-led New Leaders’ program redesign, through which she had the distinctive experience of recreating the organization’s recruitment, selection, training, and principal support programs for implementation across 10 partner cities. Additionally, Thaly served as New Leaders’ national director of charter school strategy. In that role, she developed the first-in-kind charter-specific strategic plan for improving leadership and achieving dramatic student academic gains across the Washington, DC, charter sector.

Thaly gained much of the firsthand experience and knowledge which has informed her career in leadership development while serving as a principal and assistant principal in Washington, DC, and in teaching history in both New York and Washington, DC. While a DC charter school leader, Thaly’s school received the Effective Practice Incentive Community (EPIC) “Silver Gain” award. During her tenure, her school achieved 40-point gains in reading and math. In New York City, Thaly worked as an educator at Harry S Truman High School where she helped to establish the Peace and Diversity Academy.

Thaly received a master’s degree in education from Trinity University and a master’s degree in administration from Fordham University. She earned her bachelor of arts in cultural anthropology at Bryn Mawr College.