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Senior Vice President of Advanced Placement and Instruction


The College Board


Trevor Packer is the head of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program, responsible for the ongoing development and management of 38 AP courses taken each year by 3 million students in subjects ranging from biology and calculus to studio art and world history. He also leads the instruction division at the College Board, which includes programs such as SpringBoard and CLEP. Trevor has led the AP program since 2003, emphasizing in particular a redesign to focus the AP courses and exams on the knowledge and skills most essential for college success. During this period, the number of students participating in advanced placement courses has more than tripled, with highest growth rates among low-income, Black and Latinx students traditionally under-represented in AP classrooms. Trevor has published regularly on topics related to advanced academic programs and college admission, and interviews frequently with major news outlets. He has been a featured speaker at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans, the Change the Equation STEM Salon, and the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice. Prior to joining the College Board, Trevor worked in academia, researching and writing about Victorian literature and publishing on Willa Cather and abolitionist Sojourner Truth, as well as authoring a manual on pedagogy and composition. He has taught composition and literature at the City University of New York and Brigham Young University.

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