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This year, we will convene a team of 10 Pahara Fellows who are highly relational and deeply curious about people to support the evaluation of Pahara Fellowship candidates at the application and interview stages.

Fellows who have supported this effort in the past have said: 

“The opportunity to participate in the interviews with prospective Fellows was both inspiring and rewarding. It offered a tremendous chance to connect with values-driven leaders across the country and contribute to expanding the Pahara community while sharing my passion for the transformational Pahara experience. The interviews provided an occasion to reflect on my own leadership while creating an authentic and supportive space for prospective Fellows to reflect on their leadership journeys.” 

“Getting to know amazing educators from around the country through their applications and interviews gave me optimism and hope for the world of education. The team at Pahara uses best-practices for talent work and applies an anti-racist lens to everything they do. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot partnering with Pahara's rock star team on this important work.”

​This years’ team of Fellows will bring sector and regional expertise, and leadership experience that will enhance the selection experience for Pahara Fellowship candidates. We aim to select a diverse mix of Fellows representing multiple domains of difference, including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and political ideology. We are excited about this collaborative opportunity to more deeply engage our Fellows in building the Pahara community towards realizing our mission of strengthening and sustaining values-driven leaders who are transforming public education. We look forward to working alongside selected Fellows in this capacity this year! 


Please review the timeline, commitment, and details below to determine if this might be the right opportunity for you: 


Early February: Submit expression of interest form by Monday, February 6th


Mid-February: Fellows invited to move forward will engage in a 45 minute conversation with members of the Pahara staff


Late February: Fellows Engaged consultant group is assembled 


Late March: Selected Fellows are onboarded


April - May: Pahara Fellowship candidate application review 


Early June - late August: Pahara Fellowship candidate interviews


  • Mid-April through late August 

  • 90-hour commitment, including onboarding, application review, candidate interviews, and team calibration meetings

Additional information around time commitment:

  • Application review hours are asynchronous and based on Fellow schedules. Team calibration calls to align on application review will be prescheduled, pending consultant availability. Availability will be collected immediately upon being selected.

  • Candidate interviews are pre-scheduled, based on Fellow availability.

  • We offer flexibility around personal commitments & vacations and ask that, to the extent that you can, you share any known personal commitments in advance (i.e. You might be on vacation the week of 6/19 and could miss a calibration meeting). This will allow us to plan around any anticipated absences while continuing to operate an efficient and effective selection process.


A $10k stipend will be provided to participating Fellows, to be paid in two installments over the course of the commitment: One installment midway through the project and the second installment at the conclusion.


Selected Fellows will be exposed to confidential materials and information regarding Pahara Fellowship candidates and evaluative tools and resources. It will be necessary to commit to confidentiality, as this information is not to be shared or distributed and is used for evaluative purposes only.

We are eager to hear from you and look forward to exploring your interest in the Fellows Engaged experience.

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