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Delka Trucking and Delka Logistics


Madelka Nuñez Osiecki is a founder and a former board member of Philip’s Academy Charter School in Paterson, New Jersey. Philip’s Academy believes in educating the whole child using a cross-curricular, hands-on approach, which incorporates the family as well. Madelka currently sits on the board of Friends of Philip’s. As a founder, she was an integral part of determining the needs of the community and in establishing the school’s charter. Prior to joining the board, Madelka served as director of strategic projects at Philip’s Education Partners in Newark, New Jersey. In her time with Philip’s, Madelka managed the first private-to-charter school conversion in the state of New Jersey. She focused her efforts on maintaining communication across stakeholder groups and solidifying the school’s mission and culture into its charter. Over her time with Philip’s, she helped create their strategic plan, fostered community relationships, and assisted in annual multi-million dollar fundraising efforts. Madelka earned her bachelor’s degree from Boston University, where she discovered her passion for education as a tutor for elementary school students and adults. She is a former intern for the Clinton Foundation and an alumna of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Ladder to Leadership Fellowship. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children, where she and her family manage a logistics company.

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