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The 2024 application is now closed. The 2025 application will open next spring.


Through the application process, we hope to learn more about who you are, the work you do, and how you most hope to benefit from participation in this transformational development experience.

As you prepare your application, please plan to share:

  • information about your background, your work, and your leadership;

  • why participation in the Fellowship feels timely for you now;

  • the name, title, organization, contact details, and relationship context of three references. Ideally, these individuals will know you well and have deep insights into your work, your experiences or commitment to the elements named in our selection criteria, and your ability to navigate multiple domains of difference with an open mind and heart; and

  • a copy of your biography and resume.


Are you taking a creative approach to solving persistent challenges? Did you envision and develop a moonshot idea and are now seeing excellent results? Have you consistently centered communities of color in your work leading or supporting non-profit schools? We want to hear about it, and we hope you will not stop there! We want to know why you do the work you do. We are also eager to learn how you are thinking about your professional development needs and what you hope to gain from the Fellowship. 

We aim for diversity of voice and lived experience in our cohorts that is inclusive of the breadth of our humanity across socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious affiliation, and political ideology. 


We curate cohort communities that are vibrant spaces of curiosity, reflection, and learning and include leaders holding multiple differences in background, experience, perspective, and orientation. 


We’ve learned over time that this environment is fostered by participants’:

  • dedication to their personal learning journey; 

  • commitment to suspend judgment on what they believe to be true;

  • value for interdependence and desire to build durable bonds across lines of difference;

  • ability to stay in inquiry, holding complexity and discomfort with openness and resilience; and

  • skill to self-regulate and navigate differences in values when activated.


We care deeply about leaders and their well-being. In order to create the most productive experience, one’s ability to adhere to our Pahara Community Commitments is required. If you desire a space where everyone shares your worldview, this is not the right experience for you. If your personal experiences or needs warrant more than can be reasonably managed in a group of 24 leaders, please assess if the timing feels right for you to apply.


If you advance to the next stage in our process, you will be invited for an interview and your references will be contacted. During the reference stage, supervisors will be required to sign off on your full participation in the Fellowship experience, including all key dates. Because our process is human-centered and requires careful consideration and diligence at every phase, it can sometimes take multiple cycles for a candidate to be selected. We strongly believe that creating the ideal blend of perspectives in each group is a key component of the program’s value and impact on participants. You will receive a status update in December. If you are not selected, you will be able to opt-in to be considered for a future cohort.


Please visit our list of FAQs. Have additional questions or want to be notified when our application window reopens? Please email us at

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