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  1. We will speak for ourselves and allow others to speak for themselves, with no pressure to represent or explain a whole group.

  2. We will listen to understand, not to persuade or rebut, and are open to changing our own minds.

  3. We will challenge ideas, not the people who express them.

  4. We will value our diversity and commit to contributing to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment.

  5. We will take responsibility for our individual learning and balance that against the collective experience.

  6. We will anticipate, name, embrace, and manage through discomfort.

  7. If we experience harm, individually or collectively, we will address it directly as a community and work together to restore.

  8. We are committed to contributing to a thoughtful, caring, and constructive community of leaders through our actions, words, and in how we navigate conflict.

  9. We will use what we learn to deepen our impact, develop ourselves, and live our values.

  10. We promise to treat any personally identifying information shared in our program with absolute confidentiality.

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