After a Fellow has completed the Pahara Fellowship, they will have numerous opportunities for further engagement. One set of opportunities will be designed to encourage continued personal and professional transformation. We intend to design Continued Personal and Professional Transformation opportunities as specific needs arise and are requested from our community of Fellows. These offerings will include what we refer to as Affinity-Based Programs - programmatic offerings that will appeal to both broad and narrow segments of our community.

Following the completion of the Pahara Fellowship, Fellows will also have access to engagement opportunities that aim to encourage collaborative action within the Pahara network. The agenda for our Network Effect programming, as we call it, will be Fellow-driven.

We know the way our Fellows lead is significantly impacted by the Pahara Fellowship experience. Through Network Effect, we hope to accelerate the innovative solutions championed by our Fellows and inspired by the connections made during their Fellowship. 


After completing the Pahara Fellowship, Fellows are invited to participate in opportunities for continued personal and professional transformation. Continued Personal and Professional Transformation programming includes our Affinity-Based Programs.

Affinity-Based Programs: We chose the word “affinity” believing that a broad and narrow interpretation of the term would be fitting for our programmatic offerings. In the broadest sense, our Fellows are members of the Pahara community; they are all Paharans. We imagine designing programmatic offerings that appeal to all Paharans.

Affinity, can also be construed narrowly, which allows us to serve smaller demographic groups within our community of Fellows. No matter the offering, we will design our programs based on the needs expressed by our Fellows, with priority for programs that address pain points in the sector.


Our Network Effect programming will provide the container for Fellows to realize their collective potential and impact. The agenda for our Network Effect initiatives, as we call it, will be Fellow-driven. Through Network Effect, we aim to convene the Pahara community for the betterment of the education sector, coordinate Fellows towards collaborative action, and amplify Fellows work.