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While we are committed to eradicating all types of inequity, we center issues of race and racism as first order priorities. Our focus on race and racism is both moral and strategic.  

Morally, given our country’s history with race and racism, we believe we are bound to prioritizing solutions to this particular form of injustice.  

Strategically, we believe that building the collective muscle to overcome racism will leave us best positioned to eradicate all forms of inequity in society. 

It has been posited that centering race is insufficient as a means to fighting inequity and that centering and prioritizing wealth, or economic equity would, in fact, be the greatest lever for positive change. Given the disproportionate economic outcomes in America based on race, we adhere to a different theory and order of operations. We believe that eradicating racism is perhaps the most powerful thing we can do in service of economic equity. 

We do not suggest that our focus on race is to the exclusion of other forms of inequity. We recognize the many places that issues of race intersect with other forms of inequity and aim to deeply engage in these areas of intersection. 

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