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Bright Star Schools


Ana Martinez launched her career in education in the same district she attended the majority of her K-12 career - Los Angeles Unified School District. She is a Teach For America alumni corps member who began teaching in a large comprehensive middle school. She also served as a Dean of Students at another LAUSD middle school, where she embarked on turnaround work and grew her background with culture and systems change. In 2009, Ana transitioned to Aspire Public Schools where she continued her work as a Dean of Students and then as the Assistant Principal in their Huntington Park middle school. Her most impactful and humbling role was that of a founding Principal in South Los Angeles where she opened up an Aspire school under LAUSD's Public School Choice 2.0 Model. She led that school for eight years before becoming the Chief of Staff to the Chief Schools Officer and focusing on strengthening home office communication with schools, as well as the professional development offerings for leaders. She also served as the Chief Academic Officer and Superintendent of a small Charter Management Organization in the rural part of the Central Valley of California. She now proudly serves as the Lead Executive Officer at Bright Star Schools in Los Angeles. She holds a bachelor’s degree from University of California, Santa Barbara and a master’s in education from Loyola Marymount University.

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