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Jamie has dedicated her entire career to advancing opportunities for underserved communities, particularly for our youth. From her time teaching elementary and middle school students, to opening a charter school and overseeing recruitment and selection for Teach for America, Jamie has always been driven to make this world a more equitable and just place for young people across the United States. Over the last decade, Jamie has focused her professional efforts in philanthropy, first as a Senior Program Officer at the Robin Hood Foundation, then as an Executive Director of a corporate foundation. Most recently, Jamie was the Senior Advisor for Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice, creating the strategy and programming to launch their first philanthropic endeavor in the United States to support expanding quality job access for underserved communities. Jamie has distributed over $100 million in grants focused on improving K-12 education, college access and success, workforce development, criminal justice reform, and social services. After nearly two decades in schools and leading philanthropic institutions, Jamie started her own consulting firm to help new philanthropies learn how to give unrestricted dollars to more grass roots organizations. It is her unwavering belief that those closest to the issues should have the most control over the solutions. Recently, Jamie has signed with Mission 44, Sir Lewis Hamilton's Foundation, to scale their efforts to the U.S. and help more youth of color receive equitable access to education and employment. Jamie also splits her time as the Head of a Private Family Foundation based in New York City. Jamie started her post-secondary education at Santa Monica Community College and is passionate about the role community colleges play for low-income communities. Jamie graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies from University of California, Berkeley and received her Masters of Education from Harvard University. In her free time, you can find Jamie frequenting rural communities in Costa Rica to surf and practice her Spanish.

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