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Jaqi Baldwin is a leader in innovative education through social justice and equity practice. Jaqi has committed the last ten years to start-up charter high schools in her hometown of Albuquerque, NM with a commitment to design schools around the needs of young people. Jaqlyn has served young people in various capacities in Albuquerque for 17 years.

Jaqi’s degrees include a Master of Business Administration, a master’s degree in clinical social work and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Jaqlyn holds the following licenses: mental health clinician, school administrator, school social worker, high school teacher and rehabilitation counselor. In addition to schools, Jaqlyn has also worked in child protective services, gang intervention services, banking and the for-profit sector. Jaqlyn is an experienced adjunct professor at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

As the executive director of Siembra, Jaqi applies her strategic planning and visionary skills to growth of programming, staffing, students, facilities and finance. Jaqi believes that engaging young people in entrepreneurship and economic development through a social justice lens makes the community an overall better place for all of us.

Jaqi is a Deeper Learning Equity fellow through Big Picture Learning and Internationals Network. Jaqi was named a 2022 Woman of Influence. Jaqi is also a Manati fellow for charter leaders of color through National Charter Collaborative.

Jaqi's biggest accomplishment is bringing her identity as a Burquena,Chicana leader to work every day to make good trouble.

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