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Philanthropic and impact investing advisor


Self Employed


Jen Holleran loves kids, their development and their infinite potential. Her focus at this stage of her career is on bringing resources to the people and organizations that can make the most positive difference for children, particularly underrepresented minorities and low-income students. She works to bring donors, especially new donors or new-to-education donors, into educational equity work to support students' learning and development from early childhood through post-secondary, with a particular focus on innovative, whole-child learning approaches that modernize learning opportunities toward a learner centered, whole child approach. Jen brings her three decades of experience in education as a foundation leader, nonprofit executive director, principal & teacher to bridge donors to the many amazing leaders in education and opportunities to have an impact, particularly focused on previously under-resourced leaders of color and women. In her career, she has: taught then led a high school, recruited, trained & supported principals for small schools when she founded New Leaders Bay Area; consulted to support leadership develop and the human capital necessary to drive systems change; led the launch and first five+ years of Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan's philanthropy including helping launch CZI, the Primary School and venture investments; and supported multiple living donors to launch or significantly grow their education philanthropy (and she presently co-facilitates a funder learning workgroup on the future of learning and school design). She has extensive board experience for multiple education nonprofits and schools. She finds her deepest joy with her own kids, husband, extended family and friends as well as in collaboration with people around this work. She lives in the Boston/New England area, where she loves the many beautiful natural areas to hike, bike and explore.

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