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Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Revolution Foods


Kristin Groos Richmond is the co-founder and CEO of Revolution Foods, a company focused on transforming school lunch by providing healthy, fresh, delicious meals and nutrition education to all students. Revolution Foods is improving the health profiles of school communities who serve students with the least amount of access to healthy choices, where oftentimes school breakfast, lunch and snack are the only reliable meals of the day. The communities served by Revolution Foods are also often battling the highest rates of obesity and related disease. Through serving students the highest quality balanced meals and teaching them to engage in healthier decisions, school partners have reported higher attention levels in class, less disciplinary problems, an increased interest in healthy food, and weight loss amongst their students. Revolution Foods has established key strategic partnerships with healthy food suppliers including Whole Foods Market, Organic Valley, Niman Ranch, and local farmers in order to deliver on its promise of all natural, fresh meals for students. Revolution Foods has served over 2 million meals since inception and today works with over 100 education programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles serving close to 25,000 students. These programs include K-12 charter schools, school districts, preschool Head Start programs and after school programs. The company has raised over million to improve health in schools and has plans to expand nationally.

Prior to founding Revolution Foods, Kristin’s career spanned from education reform to corporate finance. She began her career on Wall Street as an investment banker at Citigroup. After spending four years in corporate finance, Kristin moved to Nairobi to co-found the Kenya Community Center for Learning (KCCL), one of the first special education schools in East Africa. Kristin led fundraising and development, operations and finance for KCCL and also taught physical education, geography and life skills. She remains an active board member of KCCL. Kristin also served as a Vice President at RISE, a nonprofit dedicated to recruiting and retaining quality teachers in public schools. While at RISE, Kristin helped schools serving low-income students implement strategies to locate, attract and retain the best and brightest teachers. She also played a large role in expanding the organization from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chicago and Los Angeles. Kristin was an Education Pioneers Fellow and has a BS from Boston College and an MBA from UC Berkeley where she serves on the Board of the Global Social Venture Competition.