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Chief Executive Officer


Black Latinx Asian Charter Collaborative


A dynamic advocate for education reform, Miriam Raccah has over 20 years of experience leading non-profit organizations dedicated to innovation in urban education. Most notably, she co-founded Girls Preparatory Charter Schools and the Public Prep Network.

As the founder of Urban Teaching Corps, Raccah dedicated five years to developing minority teachers to lead urban classrooms. From 2017-2022, she was the Executive Director of Bronx Charter School for the Arts, a community-based charter school integrating the arts. During that time, she co-founded its Middle School to serve students in the South Bronx.

In 2018, Raccah co-founded the Black, Latinx, Asian Charter Collaborative to elevate charter schools founded and led by people of color in New York City. In July 2022, she assumed the role of CEO of the organization, which currently has 24 school members across New York State representing over 14,000 students and leaders who see community-based schools founded by leaders of color as vehicles for change.

Prior to her school leadership, Miriam worked in workforce development and services for the homeless in New York City. She holds a B.A. from the University of Arizona, an MBA in Finance from NYU, a Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership from Columbia, and a Certificate in Charter School Leadership from Harvard. She currently serves on the board of the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum for Art and Storytelling in Harlem.

Miriam raised her daughter Jordan in New York City where she continues to live and work as a passionate advocate for innovation in urban education.

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