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Sarah White


Sarah White


Founder and Executive Director


South Dakota Education Equity Coalition


Sarah White (she/her), Oglala Lakota, is the founder and executive director of the South Dakota Education Equity Coalition (SDEEC). Sarah transitions into this role as a direct result of her work in serving as the facilitator for SDEEC during the first two years of its informal stages of development. She has eight years of experience working and advocating for Title VI Indian Education Programs, working at Rapid City Area Schools in South Dakota and at Omaha Public Schools in Omaha, Nebraska. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Master in Education from Creighton University, and a PK-12 Administrator endorsement from the University of South Dakota. Sarah is a passionate advocate of Indigenous education whose work seeks to elevate the urgent narrative of Indigenous education through the lens of community. Her desire in this role is to create a cohesive and collaborative effort to identify and implement solutions that address our shared concerns regarding Indigenous education. Sarah is a mother to four sons.

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