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Chief Executive Officer


San Francisco Education Fund


Stacey Wang is the chief executive officer at the San Francisco Education Fund. Formerly, she was a partner at Transcend Education dedicated to accelerating innovation in the core design of “school.” Prior to joining Transcend, Stacey served as the advisor of the Superintendent and Director of Personalized Learning for Oakland Unified School District, where she collaborated with system leaders, school leaders, teachers, parents, students, and the broader community to transform schools from traditional models to personalized learning schools having an impact on over 7,000 students.

Prior to her work for the Oakland Unified School District, Stacey worked at Monitor Deloitte in the strategy practice where she helped Fortune 100 companies and education nonprofits design strategies for large scale organizational change. As part of her work in innovation, she ran a team at the Center for the Edge developing pragmatic frameworks for systemic innovation.

Stacey's interest in education sparked over a decade ago when she helped a San Francisco school in the Tenderloin develop a ten-year growth strategy. From there, Stacey joined the Board of Trustees for Leadership High School, a high-achieving public school and became an Education Pioneer fellow developing quality community pilot schools for Oakland Unified.

Stacey pursued an Master of Business Administration at Columbia Business School with a focus on social entrepreneurship and nonprofit management, and has an undergraduate degree from University California Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Most recently, Stacey completed the Broad Residency and received her master’s degree in education leadership. Stacey has served as a consultant for numerous education organizations such as Education Pioneers, San Francisco Ed Fund, and the New York City Department of Education. She was also a runner up at San Francisco Start Up Weekend 2013: Next Gen Schools.

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