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Wisdom for Good & NAATE Program


Tony Klemmer is the Founder and President of the NAATE Program focused on delivering intense residential programs of advanced learning to high performing K – 12 classroom teachers and school leaders across the country, and Wisdom for Good, a retreat program for adult personal formation.
Tony received his Ph.D. in Humanities from Salve Regina University. His doctoral work focuses on Moral Coherence in the Modern World. He graduated from the Harvard Business School, and served on the Executive Committee of its Alumni Board, and has a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He helped found several high tech companies. In 2011 he was named to the inaugural cohort of Pahara/Aspen Institute Teacher Leader Fellows and serves as an Aspen Global Leadership Network Moderator. He previously served as Assistant Headmaster of Portsmouth Abbey School. Tony has been a Lecturer in Management at Yale University’s School of Management, and taught Production and Operations Management in the MBA program at Babson College. Tony serves as the Senior Advisor to the Center for Equity in Urban Education at Elms College, Chicopee, MA, and teaches "The Quest for Spirituality" at Salve Regina University.

Tony is the father of four grown sons, married for 41+ years. Adult education has been his calling for the last almost 20 years. After a doctoral thesis on living morally, he has pursued this quest to the present time. He hopes to count more friends than enemies and more good things said about him, then not. He holds onto his long marriage, his four sons (and now four daughters-in-law and grandson), and his extended family as some of his greatest gifts.

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