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Assistant Deputy Director


Harris County Juvenile Probation Department


Vanessa Ramirez graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics for Business and Management. After college, Vanessa worked for a financial consulting firm and quickly realized that she wanted to be hands-on with giving back through education. She worked for KIPP DC and then worked for KIPP Houston for eight years support alumni on their journey to and through college. In 2013, she founded Eight Million Stories, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to providing communities of disconnected youth with an effective alternative to incarceration. Vanessa, understanding that youth in the juvenile justice system needed access to quality workforce development programming in order to reduce recidivism, then went on to serve as the Chief Operating Officer and then Chief Program Officer for SER-Jobs for Progress, a workforce development organization in Houston. Vanessa wanted to get back to her passion of supporting youth entangled in the juvenile justice system and now serves as the Strategic Partnerships Assistant Director for the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, where she supports the Executive Director and juvenile court judges identify and/or create community based interventions that will help youth reduce subsequent touch points with the juvenile justice system.

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