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FEBRUARY 6 -8, 2023


We are excited to invite you to this pilot retreat, a three-day event for Pahara’s women of color CEO community at the new Lone Rock Retreat campus in Bailey, Colorado.


This retreat provides an opportunity for women of the global majority holding the most senior seat in an organization (CEOs, EDs, founders, or presidents) to gather for collective learning, community building, and restoration. It is born from a named need within our community for women of color holding bottom-line decision making to have a sacred space to stand in community; to share leadership lessons and experiences; and to learn from one another in support of personal and professional wholeness and transformation. 


The goals of this retreat are to:

  • Workshop and vision-set around the unique opportunities and challenges faced by women of color in life and leadership. We will name where our experiences intersect and diverge based on multiple facets of our identities;

  • Engage in readings and conversation circles that spark thinking for new and inspiring models of leadership; 

  • Engage in rest and restoration for the mind, body, and spirit;

  • Create space for joy and community-building. 


Moderators for this retreat will be Kriste Dragon, CEO of Pahara, and Idrissa Simmonds-Nastili, Senior Vice-President. Further details on additional practitioners are forthcoming. 


The Pahara Institute continues to develop pilot offerings as part of our personal and professional transformation programming. Based on the needs identified in the network survey along with 140 calls with Fellows and discussion around the seminar table, Pahara is organizing a series of new initiatives pilots, including virtual consultancies, succession planning workshops, regional socials and convenings.

There are a number of terms in use to define and describe groups by racial identity. In the context of this convening, we are intentional in our use of women of color to acknowledge that a range of racial identities from within the Pahara community will be present at this convening, and we aim to craft an experience inclusive of the fullness of experiences and identities that will be present.


We aim to bring together Paharans who identify as women of the global majority in the top most position at their organizations. Significant diversity exists within this demographic, including along lines of race, gender expression, sexual orientation, generation, political ideologies, and years in the senior seat. This retreat will acknowledge and hold space for the range of experiences and identities that will be present in the room.


Date & Time

Start: Monday, February 6, 2023, at 3:00 pm MT * 

End: Wednesday, February 8, 2023, ending at 12:00 pm MT **


Lone Rock Retreat

64797 US HWY 285

Bailey, CO 804210


Pahara will sponsor participant’s lodging, meals and ground transportation. Funding for flights available upon request.

*Please arrange to land at Denver International Airport (DEN) by 12:30pm in order to arrive at Lone Rock by 3:00pm for opening programming.

**In order to preserve the continuity and camaraderie of the final morning of the convening, please do not schedule flight departures before 3:00 pm.


We will engage with readings, workshops, and restorative practices at the retreat. All relevant pre-reading or other materials will be shared with participants towards the end of 2022 before the December holidays.

The initial retreat for RLP will convene the week after Easter at Lone Rock Retreat in Bailey, Colorado from April 19-21, 2022. We endeavor to combine the strengths of the Pahara leadership development approach with a Christ-centered retreat experience. A successful retreat will mean leaders have had the space to share their faith, reflect on ways to bring their faith into their work, find some sense of spiritual renewal from the time together, and initiate new relationships with other believers.     


Registration for this event is a two-step process:


  1. Fill out an expression of interest here by Monday, August 8, 2022. Please allow up to 15 minutes to complete. You will hear from us in early September. 

  2. Selection decisions will be communicated by mid-September. Once we have confirmed we are holding a spot for you at the retreat, you will be sent a brief registration form to finalize your participation.