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Thank you for your interest in booking a cohort reunion. Bookings for 2023 are now closed. Booking will reopen in the summer for 2024 and 2025 to allow new cohorts to book reunions and to support cohorts who want to make changes. If you have any questions, please reach out to

At Pahara, we want to realize our potential impact as a network and generate what we’re calling “Network Effect”. On that note, we are thrilled to offer cohorts the opportunity to reune at Lone Rock Retreat once they have completed their Pahara Fellowship.

Starting this fall, cohorts will have the opportunity to reserve an annual reunion weekend for three years (2023-2025). Fellows shared feedback that a multi-year booking would better support cohorts in coordinating time away from family, work, and life. We chose a three-year period to address this feedback and balance the induction of new cohorts.

Reunion bookings for 2023-2025 will start in September 2022. Priority booking windows will be given to cohorts according to the 2022 Network Survey participation rates. Booking windows are listed below. Please review all the information on this website and follow the steps listed in the Booking Your Reunion section. Feel free to send any questions to


We are thrilled to offer all cohorts complimentary room and board for reunions at the Lone Rock Retreat. Every cohort member will be responsible for their travel expenses to and from the Lone Rock Retreat, including flights and ground transportation to and from Lone Rock. To qualify for these subsidy funds, the cohort must meet the following guidelines:


  • Cohorts must host their reunion at the Lone Rock Retreat.

  • Cohorts must have 50% or more of their cohort present to be awarded funding.

  • Cohorts must adhere to Lone Rock's vaccination policy and Pahara's COVID 19 practice and protocols and submit all requirements for Pahara. Pahara will continue to monitor CDC and local guidance and will finalize policies several weeks prior to your reunion.

  • All participants submit survey feedback to Pahara about their reunion experience. 

  • Cohorts must be in good standing with no outstanding cancellation fees from previous years.



Priority scheduling will be based on 2022 Network Survey completion rates. The three booking windows include:


  • Cohorts with 100% completion rate on the survey

  • Booking window starts September 12, 2022 


  • Cohorts with 75-99% completion rate on the survey

  • Booking window starts September 21, 2022 


  • Cohorts under 75% completion rate on the survey

  • Booking window starts October 5, 2022 

Which group is my cohort in?


It's time to
start planning!

The coordination and execution of reunions is Fellow-led and should be a communal effort with tasks shared across the cohort. To support successful reunions, please follow the steps outlined in our planning guide.


If cohorts don’t have 50% of their cohort registered within 90 days prior to their weekend, Pahara will release the date back to Lone Rock.

If a cohort cancels their reunion after 90 days, the cohort will be responsible for paying $450 per room on their reservation and for providing payment for the cancellation fees. In order to be eligible to book reunions in future years, all cancellation fees must be paid.


If you have additional questions, please
reach out to

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