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Executive Chair & Chief Executive Officer


Open Sky Education


Andrew Neumann the executive chair and chief executive officer at Open Sky Education. He is an educational entrepreneur driven to ensure all children in America have access to excellent learning opportunities which maximize their potential to fulfill their greater purpose and live flourishing lives. His passion is to contribute to building an educational ecosystem in America which will close global and national achievement gaps, build deeply held, internally driven character, and provide the option for faith formation to be an integral part of education for all who desire it regardless of a family’s income or zip code.

Committed to this mission, he began his career as a teacher serving students at the high school and college levels while finishing his Ph.D. in educational mathematics. In 2006, he joined Open Sky Education to support the team in advancing its mission nationally by growing its school networks (HOPE Christian Schools and EAGLE Public Charter Schools), Christian wraparound programs (Compass Educational Programs), and the Character Formation Project.

In addition to his work at OSE, Andrew works to advance this mission for children by participating in a variety of speaking engagements as well as serving on the boards of mission-aligned organizations including School Choice Wisconsin, the Alliance for Choices in Education and the Institute for Missional Visioning.