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Archana Patel Advising


Archana Patel is the Founder and Principal at Archana Patel Advising, a boutique advising firm that partners with impact-driven leaders to design and implement the conditions for powerful leadership and sustained impact. She is also a strategic advisor at the Jeremiah Program, where she was most recently the Vice President of Parent Programming. There, she led strategy, policy and program in service of multi-generational economic mobility, supporting single mothers and their children on their paths to prosperity. orks with executive leaders, teams and boards to build systems, skills and space through strategic planning, communications and change management support and executive leader and team coaching and facilitation. She is a proven leader in the K-12 space, where she taught in classrooms, led school buildings and accelerated impact through coaching and professional development in large urban school systems across the country. Archana has Master’s degrees in Public Policy from University of Southern California and in Education from Fordham University. She earned Bachelor’s degrees in English and Philosophy from Boston College. She is the board chair of Great Public Schools Now and a member of the Citizens of the World Charter Los Angeles board, and volunteers as a Crisis Text counselor and adult literacy tutor.

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