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VP, Learning Studio


Teach For America


Armando Somoza (he/him/el) is a father, entrepreneur, educator, and artist. He currently serves as VP, Learning Studio in the Reinvention Lab at TFA. He has over 20 years experience at the intersection of art, technology, and education and built and scaled programs, products, and services for various organizations. He is CEO & Co-Founder of CodeScty, a company that uses original hip hop and youth culture to teach computational thinking and coding concepts - like Schoolhouse Rock for Computer Science. He is also CEO & Co-Founder of Rapport Studios, a creative communications agency that exists to disrupt, awaken, and re-orient people's relationship to knowledge and culture. His life’s work has been committed to the creative application of powerful story-telling and digital technologies as an agent of provocation, immersive learning experiences, community empowerment, cultural entrepreneurship, and social change. His experience in communications, digital strategy, and creative branding led him to establish a NYC based creative communications agency focused on client-based work with political campaigns, museums, and nonprofits creating narrative brand identities that center the voices and experiences of Black/Brown communities. Equity, community transformation, political advocacy, the creative arts, and education are at the core of his worldview and practice.

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