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Ash currently works as an independent consultant.

Prreviously, Ash served as the Director of Place-Based Partnership with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. Ash began his career in the classroom and has worked at the school, district, and state leadership levels.

Prior to joining the Schusterman Foundation, Ash served as the Executive Director of GO Public Schools in Oakland, where he and his team were dedicated to cultivating and convening community leaders in service of all Oakland public schools and students. Before joining the GO Public Schools team, Ash helped launch the TN Achievement School District, where he served as the founding Chief Talent and Strategy Officer and then the Executive Director of the Achievement Schools—a network of 5 turnaround schools in Memphis dedicated to ensuring that every child in Frayser can attend an excellent neighborhood school. Prior to joining the ASD, he worked in the Oakland Unified School District leading various human capital initiatives, including facilitating the development an effective teaching strategy in collaboration teacher and union leadership, and managing the principal selection process for the district. He began his career as a 4th grade bilingual teacher in Houston through Teach For America.

Ash has also served as an Education Pioneers Summer Fellow, a Broad Resident, and Pahara NextGen Fellow. He has a BA from Dartmouth College, and an MBA and ME from Stanford University.