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Executive Director


Frayser Community Schools


Brett Lawson is a school administration leader with experience at all grade levels as principal, principal leader, and executive director. He is from Jonesboro, AR and has spent the majority of his career educating the children of Memphis, TN. He is a classically trained musician who led schools that have a focus in the fine arts. Brett has an avid interest in data science and has pursued knowledge in python, PowerBI, Docker, PostgreSQL, and many other computer languages and concepts. He is leveraging this knowledge to build systems of data transparency and accountability to move his organization to the next level of performance. He sees AI as a lever for positive change, if it can be managed effectively. Brett is also an advocate for social justice. Over the years he has promoted many efforts that are aimed at erasing systemic racism and its scars. He recognizes the reality of the long-suffering work that is required to make this possible. He is a member of the Leadership Memphis class of 2024 and is looking forward to his membership in the Pahara organization. Brett enjoys fly fishing, wood working, playing his mandolin, and traveling.

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