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Executive Director


Rocketship Public Schools


Candice Bobo is the Executive Director of Rocketship Public Schools network in Washington, DC. Like many Rocketship students, Candice grew up East of the River; her childhood home was just blocks from where Rocketship Legacy Prep is located today. The importance of education was ingrained in her by both parents who served as career teachers in DC Public Schools. With concerns about the safety of their neighborhood high school, Candice commuted almost two hours daily to attend a magnet school in northwest DC--those memories continue to drive her passion to ensure all children have access to an excellent public school in their own neighborhood.

When Candice chose to follow her parents’ footsteps and become an educator, she gravitated toward schools that provided not only high quality education for students, but also a strong sense of community. Her first teaching role was at Friendship Public Charter Schools. She then
joined Thurgood Marshall Academy where she rose from lead teacher, to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and then due to her deep relationships with kids and families she was named Director of Student Affairs. Most recently, Candice led the turnaround of Meridian Public Charter School, successfully bringing Meridian back from the brink of closure and leading the school to the cusp of Tier I status.

Candice’s experience embodies a commitment to building schools to serve as a catalyst for transformative change in their communities. She is deeply aware of the inequities that have existed within public schools for generations, and what it takes to remove these barriers to opportunity. Her roots within the communities served by Rocketship allow her to lead with empathy and understanding.

Candice has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Clark Atlanta University and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the Columbia University Teachers College.

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