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Co-Executive Director


Big Picture Learning


Carlos Moreno is the co-executive director of Big Picture Learning (BPL), an organization committed to creating and supporting student-centered schools across the U.S. and Internationally. In this role, Carlos is the visionary for all U.S. school and district wide programs. He leads a national team of directors and school design coaches to support services for district leaders in both BPL network schools and non-network schools. Carlos joined the BPL national leadership team in 2010 as a regional director in New Jersey where he supported innovation efforts throughout the state. This preceded his role as BPL?s National Director of Schools. Prior to that, Carlos was a decorated teacher, principal, and interim superintendent at The Met Center, BPL?s flagship school in Providence, RI. All of this after a brief, but successful career in the corporate sector. Carlos is an author and speaker, but is happiest as a roll-up-your-sleeves expert practitioner in designing highly engaging schools and environments for youth, particularly those who have not been served well by traditional schools. Carlos holds undergraduate degrees in economics and marketing as well as a master?s degree in Educational Leadership.

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