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Chief Executive Officer


Noble Network of Charter Schools


In November 2018, Constance Jones became the chief executive officer of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, Illinois’ largest and most successful charter school network, and is the first African American and first female to hold that position. Connected through community groups and board positions across Chicago, she quickly became a widely influential and trusted voice within the nation's third largest school district. As Noble’s CEO, she oversees the strategy and operations of an organization of 12,000 students and 1,300 staff across 18 campuses, with a total budget in excess of $165MM. Nationally renowned for preparing its students - 98% students of color and 89% from under resourced communities - to be accepted to and graduate from college, Noble represents 10% of all CPS high schoolers. Under Constance’s leadership, Noble continues to set the high-water mark for college preparation across the city’s public schools, ultimately contributing to a significant portion of the success that CPS has publicly claimed in recent years. Constance previously served as Noble's president and chief external affairs officer, where she spearheaded a campaign that resulted in Noble winning the Broad Foundation’s national prize for best charter school in 2015. She continues to stand out as a coalition leader and advocate for high quality public schools of all types, with her leadership resulting in Noble’s continued expansion to serve more CPS students, the passage of crucial education funding reform in Springfield in 2017, and Noble’s Class of 2018 graduating 2,300 seniors, 98% of whom were accepted into college while earning an astonishing $474 million in scholarships. Prior to Noble, Constance was the national development director at KIPP Foundation and held sales and operations roles at Johnson & Johnson and Hyatt Corporation. Constance has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the founder of an endowment at North Carolina Central University for first generation math and science majors in honor of her late father.