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Chief of Staff


Robin Hood Foundation


Gabrielle Ramos-Solomon currently serves as the Chief of Staff at Robin Hood, New York City’s largest poverty-fighting organization. As Chief of Staff, Gaby manages the development and implementation of the strategic vision for the organization. Before Robin Hood, Gaby served as Chief of Staff to the Chancellor at the New York City Department of Education where she led the full reopening of schools for in-person learning for the 2021-2022 school year. Prior to this role, Gaby served as the First Deputy Chief Enrollment Officer where she oversaw all pre-k through high school admissions processes for New York City’s public schools, enrollment policies and procedures for special student populations, and several school diversity initiatives. Prior to her work in New York, Gaby served Newark Public Schools as Chief of the Division of School Planning, Enrollment, Research, and Family Support. Before this role, Gaby was the Executive Director of Student Enrollment where she led the city-wide transition from a zone-based school enrollment system to a universal school choice system inclusive of district and charter schools. Before her work in Newark, Gaby worked at the Connecticut State Department of Education, focusing primarily on developing school improvement plans with schools across the state. Earlier in her career, Gaby explored the financial sector as a senior analyst at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital. Gaby began her career as a special education middle school teacher in East Harlem. Gaby currently serves on the board of Ascend Charter Schools in Brooklyn, New York. Gaby has a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, a Masters of Science in Teaching from Pace University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Columbia University. She is also a graduate of The Broad Residency, an education leadership and management program formerly housed at The Broad Foundation.

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