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Plata Household


Godfrey Santos Plata is a queer Filipino immigrant whose north star is racial justice, and whose tools of choice are political education and building people power. He unapologetically works toward a world in which Black Lives Matter. Plata was born in Marikina, Philippines, and is a teacher-turned- organizer currently living in LA's Koreatown. In Los Angeles, Plata serves as the Deputy Director at LA Forward that supports Angelenos to organize and mobilize toward progressive policy-change at the city level. He also leads civic engagement work at AAPI Equity Alliance, a coalition of 40+ local community organizations interested in deepening and advancing AAPI civic engagement in LA County. In his civic life, Plata sits on the board of API RISE which organizes formerly incarcerated and detained members of the API community, and volunteers with the Check the Sheriff coalition, which uplifts the voices of families surviving the violence of LA's sheriff department. In 2020, his political activism got him elected to represent half a million LA residents as a member of LA County Democratic Party's Central Committee, and take on leadership with Pilipino American LA Democrats and the Filipino-American Democratic Caucus of California.

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