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Chief Operations and Talent Officer


National Association of Charter School Authorizers


Guerschmide Saint-Ange is a distinguished educator and leader with almost two decades of unwavering dedication to students, families, and communities. Guided by values and driven by data, she brings curiosity, authenticity, and integrity to the forefront of her leadership, orchestrating organization-wide transformations.

With a wealth of expertise in education policy and change management, Guerschmide has been a catalyst for change in schools, non-profit organizations, as well as local and national governance structures. She firmly believes that the essence of effective change lies in centering equity and nurturing the professional success of staff, particularly Black women, who mirror the communities most impacted by inequity.

Currently, Guerschmide serves as Chief Operating and Talent Officer at the National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). In this role, she is institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusion through the organizational processes, infrastructures, and comprehensive talent development strategy that she oversees.

Grounded in the fundamental belief that every child deserves access to a quality school in their neighborhood, Guerschmide actively collaborates with organizations dedicated to expanding access and elevating the quality of school options, particularly for Black and brown students, through her consulting practice. Her previous roles include serving as the Executive Director of a charter school in Brooklyn, NY, and leading charter authorizing for the NYC Department of Education.

Guerschmide's holistic approach to leadership reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence, equity, and transformative change in education. She earned both her Bachelor's and Master's in Teaching degrees at Hampton University and a Master's degree in Education Policy from Harvard University. Beyond her professional endeavors, Guerschmide finds joy in exploring the world with her husband and daughter.

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