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Director of Organizational Learning & Equity


Tulsa Public Schools


Jamie Lomax currently serves as the director of organizational learning and equity for Tulsa Public Schools, where she supports educators to be the chief equity officer of their own body of work in order to create an anti-racist, anti-oppressive system and dismantle inequitable outcomes. She spends her time in collaboration across the system, partnering with team and school members to notice, name and disrupt oppressive cycles, systems, practices and policies. A member of the Tulsa team for more than ten years, Jamie previously served as the director of title I, leading efforts to prioritize strategic investments of funds in high-leverage strategies. Before joining the district office, Jamie led School Improvement Grant efforts as an assistant principal, led magnet program development at Central Fine & Performing Arts High School and served as a teacher and theatre director at a local private school. Throughout her journey in education, Jamie has been committed to creating spaces in which students and adults deeply belong, question, and challenge their assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors, through engaging in rigorous learning experiences which push the boundaries of what they believe they are capable of, whether they are in the cast of a play, a collaborative classroom, a small learning community, or an emerging leader. Jamie earned a bachelor’s degree and a Master of Teaching Arts from The University of Tulsa in theatre education, a certificate in educational leadership from Oklahoma State University, is a national facilitator with School Reform Initiative and a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory.

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