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Managing Partner & Co-Founder


Speak Your Truth


Jelani McEwen is a managing partner and co-founder of Speak Your Truth (formerly The Citizen Group), where he passionately supports organizations in developing their message and leading their tribes through a hybrid of modern marketing techniques and community organizing principles. In nearly a decade of operations, Speak Your Truth has been trusted to craft campaigns and communication materials that include: – Cook County during the 2020 Census campaign, where they were responsible for outreach to the LGTBQ+ and young African American (18-30) demographics – Erie Family Health Centers where they developed a new patient-focused website that aligned with Erie's new branding – The Black Principals Network, where they developed the brand and logo for a new organization focused on supporting the needs of Black school leaders at the behest of the Schusterman Family Foundation In particular, Jelani is a veteran communications and organizing leader in the education sector, for which he has used his gifts for design and messaging to help organizations galvanize support for better education options for underserved communities. As Director of External Affairs for the Illinois Network of Charter Schools, Jelani supported 5,000+ families in taking action to influence legislative outcomes and achieve policy wins for their communities. He began his career in 2005 as a social worker and community organizer for Mikva Challenge, a non-profit in Chicago dedicated to civic education and the development of future civic leaders.

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