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Founder & Innovation Fellow


Propel Schools


Jeremy Resnick is an Innovation Fellow at at Propel Schools. He was a founder of Propel and served as its Executive Director for 17 years. Under his leadership, Propel grew from the basement of a community hospital to become a regional force in efforts to reform Southwestern Pennsylvania public education.  Propel currently serves more than 4,000 students at 13 schools in Allegheny County and has become one of Pennsylvania's top performing charter school organizations with long waiting lists and student achievement results better than any demographically comparable public school district.

Resnick’s work has been recognized with the Pittsburgh Business Times' 2007 Diamond Award, the Pittsburgh Social Venture Partners' 2009 Social Venture Award, the 2013 Coro Pittsburgh MLK Distinguished Individual Leadership Award, and as a 2017 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist . Prior to founding Propel, he was a founder and the Administrative/Educational Leader at Northside Urban Pathways Charter School, a Founder and Director of the Charter Schools Project at Duquesne University, Founder and Director of the Steel Center Technical Academy, and a teacher in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Resnick is a lifelong Pittsburgh resident. He has four children (from ages 11 to 33). Resnick enjoys making things and tinkering--especially with classic cars and their engines.