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Chief Academic Officer


Zeta Charter Schools


Jessica Sie is Chief Academic Officer of Zeta Charter Schools in New York City. She leads the academics program at Zeta to design next-generation schools that develop lifelong learners prepared academically and socioemotionally to innovate, solve problems, and embrace their future potential. Through strong vision-setting and orchestration of priorities, Jessica leads academic content, professional learning, and data strategy to create excellent learning.

Jessica is a passionate and driven educator who began her career by teaching for eight years in Denver, Colorado and New York City. Since 2013, Jessica has led at the organizational level in the roles of Chief Academic Officer, Head of Education Institute Program Management, Principal Manager, and Director of Literacy and History. In 2021, Jessica joined Zeta as the organization doubled the number of schools it serves and navigated the immense challenge of COVID-19 recovery. Through strong instructional management, Zeta students made incredible progress. Zeta performed as a top five charter school network on the NY state tests in 2022. Prior to joining Zeta, Jessica led the development of curriculum and assessments, instructional guidance, and training across 47 schools at Success Academy. Throughout her six years leading the literacy program, Success Academy consistently achieved results in the top 3% of New York state, with 90% of students passing the state ELA exam in the spring of 2019.

Jessica received an M.A. in Literacy, Language, and Culturally Responsive Teaching from the University of Colorado Denver and has earned teaching certifications in K-6 Elementary Education, K-12 Linguistically Diverse Education, and as a K-12 Reading Teacher.

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