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Chief of Staff


Portland Public Schools


Jonathan serves as the Chief of Staff for Portland Public Schools, the largest K-12 school system in Oregon. An extension of the Superintendent, Jonathan manages the operations of the office, including serving as the executive liaison to the Board of Education and overseeing the District’s Communications, Government Affairs, Strategic Partnerships and Community Engagement teams. He serves as President of The Fund for PPS, an independent nonprofit organization. From California, Jonathan is building his career in the social and public sector, working at the intersection of strategy, innovation and partnerships, aimed at building systems that empower people, contribute towards racial justice, and builds self-sufficient communities. A son of undocumented immigrants, Jonathan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Management from Azusa Pacific University. He has earned multiple professional accolades, including being named to the 2018 Forbes' “30 Under 30 in Education” list and selected as a 2020 NextGen Pahara Institute Fellow. Jonathan is on the Board of Directors for the Portland Trail Blazers Foundation, Futuro Media Group and Arte Publico Press.

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