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Director, Global Reseller Partnerships




MaryJane Skjellerup is the Director of Global Reseller Partnerships at Agiloft where she manages strategic sales and services growth across Agiloft's global reseller partner network. With over 15 years of leadership in strategic partnership development and education policy, she most recently served as Strategy Director at GO Public Schools Fresno. Previously, she was a Policy Analyst in Equity and Access for Fresno Unified School District as part of an innovative PreK-12/higher education research and action initiative with UC Merced's Center for Education Partnerships. From 2010-2014, she served as Senior Director of Programs at the Youth Leadership Institute where she oversaw community programs that engaged youth and adult partnerships in action research and policy advocacy using environmental prevention strategies to promote equity in health and education at both the local and statewide level. MaryJane has also served as Regional Director for the Center for Multicultural Cooperation where, in addition to overseeing the production of over 150 volunteer produced digital stories featuring the Veteran, Hmong, Latino, Khmer and Laotian communities of Fresno, she also developed YES! Productions, a youth run social enterprise that provided media production services to local CBOs. As a founding fellow and Associate Director for the Everett Program at UC Santa Cruz, she taught courses on applying innovative information solutions to prolific CBO challenges and previously served on the Global Advisory Board. MaryJane volunteers as a member of the Institutional Review Board for Valley Children's Hospital, Fresno Metro Ministry's Board of Directors, and is a member of First Congregational Church of Fresno. She was a NextGen Fellow at the Pahara Institute and a California Leaders of Color Fellow at the Rockwood Institute. She served as a member of the California Leadership Academy for the Public's Health and the James Irvine Foundation's New Leadership Network. She graduated with Highest Honors from the University of California, Santa Cruz and was a national finalist for the Howard R. Swearer Student Humanitarian Award.

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