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Superintendent of Equity, Leadership, and Schools


Aspire Public Schools


Born and raised in Stockton, California, Melissa Brookens traveled to UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) her first year of college where she found her calling to be a teacher and desire to give back to her community. At the completion of her first year of college, she returned to Stockton to finish her college degree and teaching credential with CSU Stanislaus followed by her Master of Teaching at Grand Canyon University. She made her way to Aspire Public Schools in 2010 where she was a founding educator of Aspire APEX Academy, followed by principal resident, principal, before becoming the Associate Superintendent and currently serves as the Superintendent of Equity, Leadership, and Schools in the Central Valley (CA).

A core value of Melissa’s is service and “breaking the cycle”. She is an advocate for scholars to support thinking through systems and structures which are maintaining an inequitable cycle. She actively looks for ways to dismantle and question these systems and structures. In this work, Melissa understands the deep, personal, and emotional toll it can take on a person and she deeply advocates for, models, and shares the importance of self care.

The way she stays grounded and centered in her work is with her husband of 15 years, Peter. Together they have three beautiful children, Jon, Mariah, and Makayla. They enjoy their family time together through enjoying a good show, walks, and traveling through their two daughters competitive cheer program.

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