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Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter School


Roblin Webb, founder and chief executive officer of Freedom Prep Charter Schools, has dedicated her life’s work to striving for equality for all people. She realizes that the modern day civil/equal rights struggle lies in providing a quality public education for all children. As a practicing education lawyer for a city school district, she began her work in pursuit of educational equality and opportunity. Through her legal work she became determined to find a way to make a deeper impact and see real progress towards her vision for the children of Memphis. Her passion for making more immediate change took her to a deputy director post with New Leaders for New Schools. At New Leaders, she recruited educators to become school leaders and created community partnerships. She believes that education is our modern day civil rights struggle and to that end Roblin’s goal is to measurably and dramatically close the achievement gap in Memphis between black and white and rich and poor. Currently, in the city of Memphis, we have an economic gap that is ultimately tied to the achievement gap in communities. There continues to exist a clear and compelling need for schools like Freedom Prep in Memphis. Ms. Webb founded Freedom Prep in the Fall of 2009 with a class of approximately 100 6th graders. Freedom Prep has now grown to four schools, elementary, middle, and high, serving over 2,300 students in Southwest Memphis. From 2011-2015, Freedom Prep Charter Schools produced some of the highest academic growth scores in the State of Tennessee. Ms. Webb recently completed the national Charter Network Accelerator program (an intensive cohort-based training program for leaders of emerging CMOs). Ms. Webb graduated from Rhodes College with a bachelor’s in urban studies and holds a Law degree and masters in politics and public affairs from Rutgers University.

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