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Reframe Labs


Russ Altenburg, a son of farming families in South Korea and Wisconsin and the first in his family to finish college, is a social entrepreneur who has started three nonprofits focused on education innovation. Global Playground (2005) has built 15 schools in 11 countries and still operates today. Reframe Labs (2015) is a startup studio that has trained 60 aspiring school launchers, 91% leaders of color or women, to incubate 14 new organizations/programs shaping the future of education, eight of which are innovative charter schools. Goodbeat (2021) is a digital media organization, birthed out of Reframe, focused on culture shift organizing through parent voice and social media. He was also a program officer at the Broad Foundation, where he managed a ~$30M grant portfolio focused on K-12 innovation. Prior to joining the foundation, he was an Education Pioneers Fellow at NewSchools Venture Fund. He started his career at JPMorgan. Russ holds a BSc in Economics from Duke and an MBA from UCLA, where he was awarded the John Wooden Leadership Fellowship. Russ is a member or alumni of EdLoC, Pahara, the KIPP Leadership Design Fellowship, and the 4.0 Schools Community Catalyst Program. He served as Board President of Speak UP Parents, a Los Angeles parent advocacy organization, from 2017-2022.

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